Sweet Dreams Are Made of Equality

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One of the most innovative, talented, and humble icons of our time, Annie Lennox has inspired endless amounts of people internationally. Some may be moved by her poignant lyrics and unique musical compositions. Others may appreciate her definitive style and  particular stage presence. Most inspiring of all, Lennox has used her platform to draw attention to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, especially focusing on the country of South Africa, where women and children are worst affected.

Lennox was first invited to Cape Town in 2003, to take part in the inaugural concert of Nelson Mandela’s 46664 HIV campaign. She states, “after personally witnessing Nelson Mandela describing the African HIV/AIDS pandemic as a genocide, with women and children being the front line victims, I set out to try and do something.” And she did.

In 2007, she consolidated her work into the SING campaign,which raises global awareness about the impact of HIV on women and children in certain parts of the world. It also provides financial support for organizations in these countries helping to ensure HIV-positive women and children have access to the treatment and care they need.


Source: Google Images

Lennox started the campaign by writing a song about HIV and inviting 23 of the most internationally acclaimed female artists to record their voices on “SING.” The funds to make these grants come from money raised by the “SING” record, public donations to the campaign, but mostly from Annie’s performances.

I cannot begin to list all of the awards, honorary mentions, and positions Annie Lennox holds in regards to her outstanding work as an activist. They include: UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador, HIV Ambassador for London, and Special Envoy for HIV and AIDS to the Scottish Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. You can read the complete list here.

Most recently, Lennox hosted the special screening of forthcoming film He Named me Malala in London, which was attended by Malala Youzafi and her family. Lennox and Malala are both Skoll World Forum Awardees, developing education programs and proper care for all children, and united in making large-scale, impactful changes in our world.

How is that for some Friday inspiration? #sistersaredoingitforthemselves

Enjoy your weekend!

Anna Bekavac

Women’s Center Staff


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