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Being an Ally to the Black Community

When I first read “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” by Peggy McIntosh, my jaw hung open. As I read McIntosh’s list of daily effects of white privilege, I felt absolutely overcome with emotion. I had never understood, or thought … Continue reading

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Summer Camp Kids and Hairy Legs

Working at a summer camp over the summer taught me a lot about people. For seven hours every day I was surrounded by young people, ages 5-12, and I was constantly observing and processing their behavior.  It was an anthropological … Continue reading

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The Woes of Having Curly Hair

Having been given the gift of curly hair from the very beginning of my life (I didn’t grow hair until age 4 but it was curly nonetheless), I consider myself an expert in the field. I thought I would make … Continue reading

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Young Women Leader Program Starts Second Year

In the beginning weeks of the second year of the Young Women Leaders Program, we are extremely excited to get started. Over the past few weeks we have been training the mentors and will continue to do so until tomorrow, … Continue reading

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