New Doll Reflects the Average Woman

In a material-driven world, what we see on the screen can start to make us believe it is reality. Nickolay Lamm, artist and producer of the company Lammily, is combating these negative thoughts with the creation of the newest doll, “The Average Doll.”

Lamm created this toy to prove his theory that toys can be problematic to children. With accurate proportions of a waistline and thighs and even attachable “marks” such as cellulite and acne, the doll is the most realistic toy available to children.

Under the description of the doll of the company’s website at, which runs for $25 online, the doll is described as, “The first fashion doll made according to typical human body proportions to promote realistic beauty standards.”

The doll has proportions that are based on scientific research. “The Average Doll” mirrors the average measurements of a 19-year-old woman according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lamm decided to create the doll after asking to himself, “What would happen if fashion dolls were made using standard human body proportions?” He created a campaign to fund this project and received huge support and raised nearly $560, 000.

The doll has received more than 14,000 backers for the project and preordered over 19,000 dolls.

The most distinct feature about this doll are the “marks” that are available as a sticker pack separate from the doll. These marks feature different body features such as acne, cellulite, scars and scrapes.

According to, the stickers were one of the most important elements of the doll. He states, “The cellulite, acne and stretch marks, I honestly don’t know what kids think of those stickers specifically, but they liked the general concept. I put those stickers in there because they symbolize that reality is beautiful.”

Children’s response to the doll has been positive. Lamm set up a control group with a school in Pittsburgh to see how children would react with this new concept of a toy. The children made statements such as, “She looks like my sister,” or “She reminds me of my mom.” Lamm stated he couldn’t have asked for a better reaction from the children.

The Lammily company has set high sights for the future of these dolls. Lamm hopes to produce more dolls that reflect more ethnicities to represent a broader range of children.

Video of children’s reaction to the doll here: – t=87

Rachel Rogala

Ohio University Women’s Center Volunteer


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