Leading the World

When you think about an ideal role model, what are some of the characteristics that come to mind? To me, a great role model is someone who is responsible, beautiful inside and out, healthy, charitable, respectable and a positive leader. Being a role model means that you possess great character and people can depend on you to both directly and indirectly show them ways to live positively.

Today, I interviewed for a Public Relations internship with Miss Universe Organization. With MUO being one of the most charitable and influential organizations in the world, the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe titles are given to some of the finest female role models in the universe. The responsibilities that Miss Universe Organization titleholders must fulfill are empowering to the hundreds of thousands of women who look up to them. These women are selected to represent beauty, health and leadership for a global community.

I applied for this position because I understand how important it is that women have positive role models. As a Public Relations student and aspiring professional, I want to use my passion and skills to play my part in being a role model for those who may look up to me. No human is perfect, but it is always reassuring to know that with hard work and dedication, we are able to make an affirmative difference for someone else’s life. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to use my experience to play a part in a steady movement of positive uplifting.

I believe I am actively living as a positive role model for a community I belong to, women of color. I try my personal best everyday to take a step closer to making a positive difference for my community and myself. I want people to be able to look at me, my accomplishments and the people around me and think, “If Ashley can do everything that she does, I believe can do anything I want to do as well.” I know of many young women who don’t possess the confidence and level of self-esteem that they definitely should have. I know it’s not always easy to look in the mirror and think, “I am beautiful and I love myself.” This is definitely a journey and most times, one must grow this confidence through life experience.

My faith, seeking out my personal happiness and uplifting others has changed the way I view life, the world and myself for the better. I really anticipate being selected for the internship position with Miss Universe Organization because they embody the values that I possess. I am in no way flawless, but I try my best to carry positive energy everyday because I know that I have a duty to be a positive role model to young women who may look up to me in this world.


Ashley E. Osborne

Junior Strategic Communication Major at Ohio University



About Ohio U Women's Center

The Ohio University Women’s Center serves and responds to the needs of OU women students, faculty, and staff, as well as members of the community. Founded in 2007, the center is dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming campus climate for all members of the community through programs, resources, referrals, advocacy, and education. Located in Baker University Center 403.
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