OUSAP seniors share sentiments, post-grad plans

Brenda Mahler, OUSAP Publication Assistant

Upon graduation I am joining Project POWER, an AmeriCorps program in Asheville, NC. This program incorporates service-learning and conflict resolution skills into the elementary level classroom with at-risk youth. I will be a teacher’s aide during the school day as well as during the after-school programs. The position begins in August with an extensive training process. I am also very excited to move to Asheville to continue to play music and join the Asheville Music Scene! After my year of AmeriCorps I want to continue working for nonprofits, eventually a nonprofit more specifically dealing with women. I am still debating whether or not I want to continue on to graduate school—that is a decision that I will be making this coming year.

I’m excited to start a new adventure, but will definitely miss the community that has made me feel so at home – Athens, OH. I’ve heard that Asheville is like Athens on a larger scale—which is very comforting to me since this town has treated me so kindly. Of course I will miss the Survivor Advocacy Program and the Women’s Center immensely and they will forever be in my heart. I’ve met a lot of great people through OUSAP and The Women’s Center and will undoubtedly keep in touch. I am so grateful for the experiences and knowledge I have gained because of the intelligent, beautiful, strong women that I have had the pleasure of working with.  Thank you all!


Corey Stevens, OUSAP Graduate Assistant

It’s hard to believe that two years have gone by since I came to Ohio University to get my masters degree in sociology. I am grateful for the wonderful people that I have meet during my time here. I will miss the amazing feminist faculty who have guided and mentored me, the wonderful students and colleagues who have worked with me, and the community members who have taught me so much. I suppose all things must come to an end. Soon I will be standing before my committee to defend my thesis and walking in my fancy graduate robes to “Pomp and Circumstance.”

Of course where there are endings there are new beginnings. As for me, I will be going to the University of Akron to continue my education in sociology and obtain my Ph.D. I can’t wait to rock the tweed jacket with elbow patches and let everyone know that they can now refer to me as “Dr. Stevens.” Of course for those Athenians (past and present) who touched my life in so many ways, you can always call me Corey.


Carina Turner, OUSAP Peer Advocate

As I reflect on my four years at OU, I realize that I wouldn’t have chosen any other university. I love the environment that, for the most part, is open and accepting of all types of people. I love the thought-provoking speakers, and I will never forget meeting Michelle Obama and Angela Davis, or having the opportunity to hear influential speakers such as Tim Wise, Peggy McIntosh, and Steve Perry. I had the opportunity to participate in memorable events like the Take Back the Night Week and the Pride Week; play a role in getting the 44th President of the United States elected and turning the state of Ohio BLUE; and be a part of the first year of the Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program. I helped organize a race forum, a benefit concert to raise money and awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and attend a Service Learning Project to help with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in New Orleans. I had the honor of being a Templeton Scholar and making an impact on the campus community through scholarship and community service.

I have also formed a number of lifelong friendships and mentoring relationships, and words cannot express how grateful I am to the number of administrators and various faculty and staff members who have helped me to develop into a better scholar and more conscientious citizen. It would take much too long to acknowledge each person individually, but the amazing students, staff, and faculty members I have interacted have created memories I will never forget.

As much as I will miss OU, I am very excited for the next step in my academic career. Next year I will be attending Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. I will be pursuing a masters degree in education as well as an education specialist degree in preparation for a career in school psychology. I look forward to using the skills I gained at Ohio University to help high school students who struggle with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders get the assistance they need to succeed, as well as assessing students who are especially gifted academically receive the challenging coursework they deserve. My goal is to help every child, regardless of background, succeed in high school and help them get to college.

I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to thank all the people who have made such a lasting impact on my life, and to say goodbye to the university that has helped me become the woman I am today. I look forward to representing Ohio University in the years to come.



About Ohio U Women's Center

The Ohio University Women’s Center serves and responds to the needs of OU women students, faculty, and staff, as well as members of the community. Founded in 2007, the center is dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming campus climate for all members of the community through programs, resources, referrals, advocacy, and education. Located in Baker University Center 403.
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