‘Extreme Couponing’ is nothing short of extreme

By Kristen Magers

There is a craze sweeping the nation. And no, I am not talking about leggings in pants. This is a craze I might actually take part in. It takes dedication and skill. It’s extreme couponing!! If you haven’t watched Extreme Couponing on TLC, you’re missing out. You need to watch an episode as soon as possible, and I promise, you’ll be hooked! The show started recently and already appears to be one of most popular shows on the network.

You may wonder what is so extreme about couponing and I’m here to tell you that everything is extreme about couponing to these extreme couponers. Many of them save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on their trips to the grocery store. These women, and men, devote tons of time to couponing from the time it takes to cut out the coupons and plan their store trips. Many of them mathematically break down their grocery shopping into many different orders to maximize their savings. They have rooms and rooms dedicated to not only the food they buy, but also their coupons.

This show is like most TLC shows- once you start watching, you just cannot look away. I have to keep watching to see if the store manager will let the extreme couponer use a coupon on 100 bottles of Motrin PM. These men and women buy so much that they usually need more than one cart, sometimes six carts. Many of them have enough groceries stocked up to fill rooms up to look like little grocery stores. Some of them use the food to feed other members of the family or neighborhood children. Others donate large quantities to churches or shelters.

I have no desire to become an extreme couponer but I’d be lying if I said I’m not a little interested in becoming a couponer. These people get such a rush from saving money and I’m curious about that. Who doesn’t need to save money? The other thing the show appears to do is give a monetary value to the work these women, and men, do within the home. Many of the women featured have helped pull their families out of financial disparity by their extreme couponing. So the next time you’re a little short on cash or bored while watching television, pull out those coupons and start clipping! And don’t forget to check out Extreme Couponing on TLC!


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