Charlie Sheen and his fans: anything but “winning”

By Kristen Magers

By now it’s pretty obvious that I am rather up on popular culture, but even if you aren’t in the know when it comes to popular culture, I’m sure you have heard about this week’s topic: Charlie Sheen. We’ve all heard about his “winning,” women, and everything else he is spouting out. But why are we even paying attention?

Despite Sheen’s past with abusing women, people are paying money to see his “act” in person. His tour sold out in minutes. Why are people so interested in this train wreck? I suppose I just answered my own question; no one can look away from a good train wreck (I’m looking at you, Teen Mom viewers, including myself). I understand the desire to watch such a meltdown happen right before your eyes. I mean, how many times did MTV and other networks replay Mariah Carey showing up randomly at TRL with ice cream for the whole audience right before checking into a hospital for exhaustion? But there is something about Charlie Sheen that separates him from other celeb “meltdowns” such as Mariah’s.

Charlie Sheen has a history of drug and alcohol abuse, as well has a history of domestic abuse allegations. People are throwing money (tour money) at a man who could possibly be a victim of addiction and seemingly encouraging this spectacle that he is putting forth. People are also supporting someone who has a past with disrespecting women. What about that makes him cool? None of it in my opinion. To me, Sheen isn’t “winning” anything and he does appear to be high on something other than just “Charlie Sheen.” Why is no one worried about the real issue here? Charlie Sheen needs help. Who is watching out for his children?

I was hoping that after a few days, this Charlie Sheen madness would dissipate and we could all move on to the next scandal. Isn’t it about time for Lindsay Lohan to get arrested again? Or maybe Brangelina could announce their next adoption or pregnancy. But it seems that Charlie is getting way more than fifteen minutes, as I am stilling hearing about him almost everywhere. Even my mother called me the other day to ask me if I had heard that he is going on tour. Maybe we just need something even bigger than Charlie Sheen to happen… Oh well, here’s hoping Charlie Sheen mania is almost over, and that someone can tear their eyes away from the madness long enough to look out for the children!


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One Response to Charlie Sheen and his fans: anything but “winning”

  1. Jeanna says:

    Another excellent post, Kristen! I can’t believe that after everything he’s done, people are still paying to go see him! You make a great point about the children, hopefully they are being sheltered from this nonsense and taken care of by their mothers. I can’t wait to hear from you again, Kristen!

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