Student Corner: Random “Rolling Stone” subscription causes rage

By Women’s Center Student Worker Kristen Magers

Last week I randomly started receiving Rolling Stone magazine. No one knows how I got this subscription, but I’ve been happily catching up on all the Lady Gaga and Kanye West gossip. All of the issues I have received are stacked in my room, except for one lone issue that remains untouched on the dining room table: Justin Bieber’s issue.

I had no issue with Justin Bieber. We happily coexisted and I even sang along with some of his songs with my friends (hey, you know “Somebody to Love” is catchy). Justin Bieber seemed harmless. He’s sixteen, he’s relatively adorable, and he seems like an okay kid. This all changed the day I read excerpts of his Rolling Stone interview and read his remarks on abortion and homosexuality.

Bieber asserted his stance that abortion is wrong, and he doesn’t believe in it. When asked if that included cases of pregnancy due to rape, he said: “Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I don’t know how that would be reason.” He goes on to remind us all that he has never been in that situation and cannot really judge the actions or situation.

Despite the fact that I appreciate his acknowledgment that he never has dealt with pregnancy due to rape, I feel his previous comments have negated any common sense he is now trying to display. No, Justin Bieber, you have not dealt with rape, pregnancy, or pregnancy due to rape and you likely never will. I am glad that you will never have to endure the weight of a situation like that, but realize that this privilege gives you no space to make even the slightest comment on the rightness or wrongness of abortion. Do not preach things you know nothing about.

Bieber also gave his opinion of the topic of homosexuality, expressing that it is a “lifestyle choice.” What? Who told him that? Once again, Biebz thought it would be nice to give opinions on things he knows nothing about. Maybe he should think about that kind of comment and what it means to gay people, especially his gay fans. He is quick to note that the issue of homosexuality does not affect him “and shouldn’t affect anyone else.” Nice thoughts for your young fans who may be struggling with their own sexuality.

Though I am appalled by Justin Bieber’s comments, I feel that I have just as much disdain for his interviewer. Why would you ask a sixteen-year-old boy his stance on abortion? Furthermore, why would a woman ask a sixteen-year-old boy his stance on abortion? Is that not what we have been working against for many years? I almost have to feel bad for Biebz, it seems that this interview would have gone wrong no matter what given these questions. Apparently his people were not around or didn’t think to tell him to not answer such political questions. Yeah, I almost feel bad for him. Almost. Okay, no, not really.


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2 Responses to Student Corner: Random “Rolling Stone” subscription causes rage

  1. Jeanna says:

    This is an excellent post! I wholeheartedly concur with Kristen’s comments. While Bieber is old enough to politely decline to answer questions on topics outside his realm of education in an interview, it is also out of line that the interviewer asked the questions to begin with. Great job, Kristen! I hope to hear more from you in the future.

  2. sonia says:

    I also started mysteriously receiving a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. I googled “random rolling stone subscription” and was led to your blog…

    If you happen to figure out how you got the subscription, let me know!

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